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Ohio Valley Chapter's First Inaugural
Recording of Opus 1680 at Cincinnati's Historical Music Hall Ballroom

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Liner Notes from CD

Picture of organist, Trent Sims sitting at the console of the Albee Wurlitzer pipe organ at Cincinnati Music Hall BallroomIt's been a privilege to make the inaugural recording on the former RKO Albee Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe organ in its new home. The acoustical setting of the Ballroom in Cincinnati Music Hall is perfect for an instrument of this caliber. The organ itself is a delight to play and the time I spent laying down the tracks for this recording was most enjoyable. I decided to try to represent music which was popular over a span of 50 years, from the 1920s to the 1970s. I knew these tunes would work well on the organ and demonstrate the wide variety of styles of music that can be performed on it. I also included one piece of classical music, Que Gelida Manina from La Boheme, to show that this Wurlitzer instrument is also capable of music of that genre.

My arrangements were mostly contrived as I was playing. I knew which registrations I wanted to feature on each song, so I let those be the guiding force behind my phrasing and articulation. This e ort would be for nothing if the project was not in the hands of a superior recording engineer. It was a pleasure to work with Chelsea VandeDrink in this area. Chelsea understands the wide range of dynamics involved with the pipe organ, as she regularly records the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra for broadcast on our local classical radio station, WGUC. I couldn't have asked for anyone more qualified to do the audio mastering.

The organ - Opus 1680, is a true work of art. Originally installed in Cincinnati's RKO Albee Theatre in 1927, it was saved by the Ohio Valley Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society and transplanted six blocks north to the Emery Theatre in 1968. The Albee closed in September 1974 and was torn down in 1977.

The Wurlitzer was housed in the Emery from 1968 until 1999, when it was removed out of necessity. The organ was in a severe state of deterioration by this time and would require a complete restoration before being installed in its new Music Hall home in 2009. This restoration was put into the capable hands of Ronald F. Wehmeier. Ron is a noted authority on Wurlitzer pipe organs and was involved with this instrument during the 1960's at the Albee Theatre. His complete redesign specified that it would be the 3 manual, 31 rank organ we find in the Ballroom today. It was originally a Style 260 Special of 3 manuals, 19 ranks.

This recording would not have been possible without the help and support of a number of people to whom I would like to take a moment to express my appreciation.

Many thanks to Joe Hollmann, President of the Ohio Valley Chapter of the American Theatre Organ Society, for suggesting this project and graciously asking me to make this inaugural recording; to Dr. David Billmire for his nancial support and the many hours he spent researching various aspects of making this recording; to Ken Aultz who was with me each day of recording, making sure all of the music was properly saved in the playback system and putting up with my requests to erase and start over when things didn't go as planned; finally, to Ron Wehmeier who made sure the organ was in top form for my recording sessions and especially seeing to the tuning of the Wurlitzer as well as the Steinway grand piano for the day of the audio recording.

I hope everyone who hears this effort enjoys listening to it as much as I
enjoyed recording it!
Trent Sims - Organist
Picture of CD cover that reads, "Albee in the Ballroom.
List of songs
along with detailed information of each song for those copyright geeks

Before The Parade Passes By
(wm) Lee Adams, Jerry Herman, Charles Strouse
Publisher: Edwin H. Morris & Co, Inc ASCAP

Basin Street Blues
(wm) Spencer Williams
Publisher: Edwin H. Morris & Co, Inc ASCAP

Without A Song
(wm) Edward Eliscu, Billy Rose, Vincent Youmans
Publishers: Anne Rachel Music Corp (c/o Warner/Chappell Music Inc),
LSQ Music Co. (c/o The Songwriters Guild of America),
WB Music Corp (c/o Warner/Chappell Music Inc) ASCAP

The Charleston
(wm) James P. Johnson, R. C. Mc Pherson
Publisher: Warner Bros Inc (Warner Bros Music Division, c/o Warner/Chappell Music Inc) ASCAP

(wm) Leo Robin, Richard A. Whiting
Publisher: Sony ATV Harmony (c/o Vickie Arney) ASCAP

Che Gelida Manina (from La Boheme)
(wm) Giacomo Puccini
Publisher: No Publisher - Public Domain

On The Good Ship Lollipop
(wm) Sidney Clare, Richard A. Whiting
Publishers: Bourne Co, EMI April Music Inc (c/o EMI Music Publishing, Attn: Audrey Ashby) ASCAP

Selections from Showboat
(Selections include: Make Believe, You Are Love, Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man, Bill, Ol' Man River) (w) Oscar Hammerstein, II (m) Jerome Kern
Publishers: Polygram International Publishing Inc, Universal Polygram International Publishing Inc ASCAP

I Remember You
(w) Johnny Mercer (m) Victor Schertzinger
Publisher: Sony ATV Harmony (c/o Vickie Arney) ASCAP

The Happy Wanderer
(w) Antonia Ridge (m) Friedrich Wilhelm Moeller
Publisher: WB Music Corp (c/o Warner/Chappell Music Inc) ASCAP

You Belong To Me
(wm) Pee Wee King, Chilton Price, Redd Stewart
Publisher: Ridgeway MusicCo, Inc BMI

Slow Poke
(wm) Pee Wee King, Chilton Price, Redd Stewart
Publisher: Ridgeway Music Co, Inc BMI

Theme from Picnic
(w) Steve Allen (m) George W. Duning
Publishers: Meadowlane Music Inc (Attn: Jayne Meadows Allen), Shapiro Bernstein Film Division (c/o Shapiro Bernstein) ASCAP

(w) Lee J. Pockriss, Paul Vance (m) Hans Bradtke, Hermann Gaze
Publishers: Emily Music Corp (Attn: Lee J. Pockriss), Music Sales Corp, G. Pincus & Sons Music Corp ASCAP

Travelin' Man
(wm) Jerry Fuller
Publisher: Sony/ATV Acuff Rose Music BMI

Little Arrows
(wm) Albert Hammond, Michael Hazlewood
Publisher: Songs of Universal Inc BMI

Poetry Man
(wm) Phoebe Ann Laub
Publisher: Almo Music Corp (Rondor Music International Inc)

Mac Arthur Park
(wm) Jimmy L. Webb
Publishers: Polygram International Publishing Inc, Universal Polygram International Publishing Inc

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Album Acknowledgments
Recording / Mastering Engineer: Chelsea VandeDrink
Organ Technician: Ronald F. Wehmeier
Production Assistant: Ken Aultz
Album Layout Design: Larry Klug
Final Mastering: The Corbett Studio - Cincinnati, Ohio
CD Manufacture: Disc Makers
Project Manager: Joseph L. Hollmann - President OVC-ATOS

This album was recorded at the historic Music Hall Ballroom in Cincinnati, Ohio in August 2011. The music performed by Trent Sims is copyrighted by the respective artists and owners of their content.

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