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Members Instruments
as they appear in alphabetical order.

Ken Aultz - WurliTzer Opus #1712 - 2 Manual / 11 Ranks
Console from Opus #2074

CLICK HERE to see Stoplist and Specs

Photo of a pipe chamber——Another photo of a pipe chamber

Photo of the organ bellows ——Photo of the toy counter division

Photo of the two manual console ——photo of console

David and Elaine Billmire
Robert-Morton 3/17 Pipe Organ - Opus 2401

CLICK HERE to see Stoplist and Specs

photo of pipe chamber ——The Billmire music room——pipe chamber with toy counter

Left side of console ——Photo of close up of console

——photo of console

Michael Detroy - WurliTzer Pipe Organ - Opus 1787
2 Manual - 6 Ranks from the Mayflower Theatre - Troy, Ohio
Now in storage at the National Voice of America Museum in West Chester, Ohio
CLICK HERE to see Stoplist and Specs

photo of relays and toy counter ——Photo of 2 manual console with red curtins around it.——Photo of ranks including a rank on the ceiling

photo of WLW rank ——photo of 2 manual console looking down at stop tabs——Photo of 2 manual console with movie poster on music rack

Darin England - Austin Pipe Organ - Opus 1417
3 Manual - 15 Ranks from St. Pius X in Northside

Original Austin keydesk at St. Pius X church photo of original console at St. Pius X church  Photo of console at Darin's home with modifications

Photo of swell division at Darin home ——photo of Great and Choir chest at Darin's home

photo of pedals of console at Darin's home

Joe Hollmann - WurliTzer Pipe Organ - Opus 1985 with additions
2 Manual - 9 Ranks

CLICK on these links to see Stoplist and history and installation

photo of relays ——Photo of six ranks of pipes next to swell shades——Photo of tall pipes

photo of 2 manual console lnext to swell shade of pipe chamber——Photo of toy counter next to relays

photo of WLW rank

John Scott - WurliTzer Theater Pipe Organ - Opus 1750
2 Manual - 8 Ranks - Style E Special - Cincinnati

photo console with chimes hanging above ——Photo of music room with console, piano, and pipe chamber on right——Photo of pipe chamber

Joan Strader - WurliTzer Theater Pipe Organ - 3/17- Opus 2151
from the Paramount Theatre - Cincinnati

CLICK HERE to see Story and Specs from Theatre Organ Magazine

Photo of Main chamber ——Photo of the solo chamber

Photo of gold console in Strader's home
Photo of Joan Strader sitting at the Wurlitzer organ console.

Pictures provided by Ron Wehmeier

Ronald F. Wehmeier
4 manual, 37 Ranks Mighty Wurlitzer Theatre Pipe Organ

CLICK HERE to see Stoplist and Specs

more large tall pipes piano and ranks of pipesanother view of large pipes

Photo of toy counter

Close up of console ——Ron Wehmeier's music room

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